Featured in Vermont Vows magazine!

Today I got home, ran to the mailbox, and squealed in delight. Why, you may ask? It's Monday and usually all that's in my mailbox is bills. But today, sitting in my mailbox, was the new issue of Vermont Vows magazine, and guess who had photos published??? Yup, yours truly! Okay, I know it's lame, but I am really just so excited to be featured in this amazing publication! I have been a fan of Vermont Vows for years, pretty much since I first started doing photography. It is beautifully done and always packed with great ideas, from color schemes to table settings to DIY favor ideas. It has everything. And this month's issue has a feature on the candy-themed shoot I did last summer in Vermont! This is my first time being published in a magazine and it is so, so cool to see my pictures in print. I'm sure I don't need to tell you all how much this means to me, because of my intense love for Vermont and also the fact that it is my future home. Thank you so much, Vermont Vows! All the pictures on the right collage on this spread are mine :) And if you want to see it in person, pick up a copy of Vermont Vows. I promise you will not be disappointed!