Happy birthday Izzie!


A few weekends ago I crashed at my friend Shelby’s house, and she had asked me if I could take a few pictures of her daughters.  Izzie's first birthday is TODAY- CANNOT BELIEVE IT- and Shelby wanted a couple of pictures of her at this age.  It’s crazy to see how different she looks from her sister, who we did similar pictures with when she was this age.  By similar, I mean pretty much the same- same backyard and same props- I mean what baby doesn’t love oranges?  These girls kill me, it actually hurts my heart how cute they are.  I have told Shelby so many times- I never had a timeline for getting married until she had her daughters.  I never cared when I got married, until Emma became the cutest child to ever exist.  Shelby should rent her out as a professional flower girl.  She is the perfect age!  I can’t wait to see how Izzie’s face changes- Emma’s looks so different from when she was born and she was “an alien” as Shelby likes to say.  Izzie is following her sister’s steps to cuteness- she’s like a little teddy bear, you just want to squeeze her cheeks!  I love photographing this family when I can and it’s crazy to watch them grow up.  Here are a couple I took on that dreary Sunday morning :)


Emma quickly lost patience with Izzie pushing her hug away... looooooove this pout!







I literally could not choose between these 3 next photos... Emma makes THE BEST FACES ever and they're all equally adorable.  So I'm including all three!





This took awhile... but we eventually figured out how to blow dandelion spores...



Except that Izzie decided they would be better to eat... no big deal...





Happy 1st birthday Miss Izz!  Hate that I can't be there to celebrate but hugs and kisses from Auntie Lana, and of course presents the next time I see you :)