Heather and Dan

This past week I headed down to Vegas with two friends from college for some rest and relaxation...mixed with a little bit of partying and staying out all night :)  I really wanted to do a photo session while I was there, because God forbid I ever just take a vacation and not work for a few days.  I remembered that another friend of ours from college (hi Marissa!) lived down in Vegas, and I asked her if she had any friends that would want to do a Vegas photo session while I was in town.  Being the awesome over-achiever that she is, within a day she had two couples lined up for me to shoot.  I totally owe her a drink next time I'm in town... which hopefully won't be too long since Vegas is so fabulous I didn't want to leave!

The first couple I met up with was Heather and Dan.  These two met through a mutual friend, and have lived together in Vegas for about 4 years.  They were amazing enough to do the session really early in the morning for me, and as soon as I got in the car I knew I had started out my day right.  My favorite moments in photography come from when I feel like I completely click with a couple, I know that I share similar goals and values as them, and I could imagine us being friends.  That's how I felt with these two, and I was so grateful.  They were super friendly and welcoming, and shared some tips with me about great Vegas places and things I needed to see.  I had a blast hanging out with them and I really hope they like the pictures!

Heather and Dan- thanks for spending the morning with me!  I am so grateful to you both for being so bright-eyed that early in the morning and for letting me do this shoot!  I had a great time and I wish you both nothing but happiness as you start your new lives together!