Inspire Boston

About two months ago (yes, I am a little random/ behind on blogging) I had the pleasure of attending a photo conference in Concord, MA called Inspire Boston.   Inspire Boston is the brain child of Matt and Enna Grazier, two insanely talented photographers who believe that the best way to get ahead in this "competitive" field we are in is to help each other and become friends and form bonds with other photographers.  I won't go into too much detail about the 3 days I spent there, mostly because it was two months ago and I have the long-term memory of a potato chip (what does that even mean??) but I wanted to give it a proper plug, because the speakers I heard there and the new friends I made there are absolutely amazing.   Robert Norman had me laughing hysterically in his seminar on longevity in your photography career, Eric Laurits had me crying in his presentation on Storytelling, and I absolutely loved sitting down and being mentored by Eric and Amber Langlois, whose work constantly blows my mind.  The whole experience was, in a word, inspiring, and I just couldn't let it go without posting something about it on my blog.  Better late than never, right? This was taken in the photo booth of the vendor lounge.  Molly Bergeron, Melissa Deschamp and I shared a room at the event and obviously it was always great to hang out with these girls.  They have been two totally solid supports for me ever since I first started, and I feel lucky to have gotten a chance to get to know them.  Melissa definitely surprised us that weekend, we always thought she was the quiet one! :)  Can't wait to second shoot with them, and have them with me second shooting, a bunch of times this summer.  And then Melissa and I will be at the same table at Molly's wedding next summer- HOLLA!  Good times ahead :)