Alanna and Dan

Yesterday I met up with Alanna (best name ever) and Dan in Boston Common to take some engagement pictures for them.  Alanna is the brother of a groom, Andrew, whose wedding I am photographing in September.  Their sister Kelsey (still following?) won a giveaway on my blog a few months ago, and very generously gave the free photography session to her sister!  Alanna and Dan are getting married in June in East Boston, so it was nice to meet up with them and talk about their plans.  Of course, because I have the best luck EVER, I picked the day that Boston Common was teeming with people doing the Walk for Hunger.  Plus, it was a nice day, so there wasn't an open patch anywhere.  But we tried to make it work and we had fun walking around the garden.  Here are some of my favorites!

I used a vintage PhotoShop action on these two...

So this is the point when we're photographing under a tree and I feel something hit my back.  It was one of those trees that those helicopter-y things come out of anyways, so I assumed it was that.  I think I said "I think an acorn just hit me or something" and I just kept shooting.  A couple minutes later Alanna says "I don't think it was an acorn."  Um YEAH.... a bird totally crapped on me.  During the session.  On my brand new Gap sweater.  AWESOMETASTIC.  I know everyone says that this is supposed to be good luck (and I did end up having a pretty good night, so who knows) but really??  It was revolting.  Thank God Dan and Alanna had brought extra clothes... I had a tank top underneath my sweater and was able to take it off and throw on a shirt Dan had brought.  Of course while I'm doing that this guy walks up and starts hassling me about it.  At this point I clearly had no patience- poor Dan and Alanna were probably mortified when I turned to the guy and said "Seriously???  Are you still here?"  He promptly left.

Quick outfit change and then we headed off towards Acorn Street...

Okay, not to make this post really negative or anything, because it was actually a really great day, and how cute is this couple???  But there is a WITCH that lives on Acorn Street.  Literally, her feet should be sticking out from under a house somewhere.  She is the wicked witch of Beacon Hill.  She has yelled at me not once, not twice, but 3 times.  And I get it, I should learn my lesson, but Acorn Street is GORGEOUS, and it is the most photographed street in America, so I cannot be the only one who is getting yelled at by this woman.  Anyways, we are standing at the end of the street waiting for some photograhers at the top of the street to finish shooting so they wouldn't be in the background, and I see this woman come out of her house.  I quickly hustle to the side of the building so she doesn't see me.  We wait a few minutes, and just as the photographers finish at the top of the street, a car pulls up it and parks and is loading stuff into their storage unit.  So the woman is gone at this point, and I figure whatever, we'll walk up past the car and shoot up the street so the car is not in the background.  We walk up there, get about 5 shots in, and out she comes.  WHYYYYYYYY.  I was about 3 doors past her house.  So this is what I hear "Excuuuuuuuse me, can I have a word with you?"  I walk over, and very loudly, she says "I don't want to EMBARASS you in front of your clients, but you are not allowed to be on this street".  And she continues to reem me... and the whole time I want to laugh.  Lady, a bird just pooped all over me.  You don't really have the market cornered on embarassing me today.  So alas, these are two of the shots from Acorn Street.  And this is a warning to all other photographers, either start at the bottom or start at the top, but NEVER walk up Acorn Street.  The Wicked Witch will get you!

I'll end with two of my favorites.  Who doesn't love a fun colored Mini Cooper?  Thanks Alanna and Dan for putting up with me for the afternoon, hope you had fun!