Jenn and Dave



I remember the exact night Jenn met Dave.  At the time, Jenn and I belonged to the same sorority, lived in the same suite, and worked at the same restaurant.  This is where Jenn had met Dave, at the restaurant.


She came in from work after a long night to find me in my usual spot, in front of the TV rocking Super Mario 3 on her old school Nintendo box and an open bottle of Arbor Mist on the coffee table.  I fully expected to hear some dramatic story about our horror show of a boss, who usually made at least once person cry or quit every shift, but instead when I asked her how work was, she said "I met a guy..."  She sat down for awhile and told me about Dave, a guy who had sat in her section that night, charmed her while she served his food, and asked her out before he left.  Jenn had been through some rough times in the dating world, and I could tell she was nervous to start something new with someone.  But the more she talked about Dave, the more her eyes lit up.  "There's just something about this guy", she kept saying. 


That night we were both asleep for about an hour when we were awakened by the raucous sound of drunken idiots outside our window.  Because it was the end of the year, the school had set up two huge dumpsters between our dorm and the one adjacent to it, and there were people coming home from the bars who were literally climbing into the dumpsters and sitting in broken chairs and ripped up couches.  I mean, they were CONGREGATING there, as if it was the hot new hangout.  I could hear Jenn's muffled laughter from the next room, so I went in, climbed on her bed and we spent the next hour hysterically laughing at these intoxicated fools; The Dumpies, as we lovingly came to call them.  Somehow through our laughter, Jenn managed to bring up Dave again.  Seriously, I thought?  We have this amazing show in front of us and she's still talking about this guy?  Maybe there was something about him...


They started dating soon after that night, and have been inseparable for the past five years.  And Jenn was right from the beginning, there was something about Dave.  There are many somethings about Dave.   First of all, he's one of those guys that you could send into the woods with a pocket knife and he could build you a shopping mall.  I am not kidding.  He is also an incredible friend and has very strong family values, just as Jenn does.  He is handy, he is funny, he is kind-hearted, he is generous, and he is a huge sports nut.  All of this makes him perfect for Jenn, who is one of the strongest, smartest, warmest people I have ever met.  She is sweet and caring, and genuinely puts her friends and family first, in a way that makes us all feel lucky to be part of her life.  And she's pretty much a boy when it comes to sports, which makes me sincerely wonder how many hours her and Dave have logged between Boston Garden and Gillette Stadium in the past 5 years.  I wouldn't be surprised if I saw Bob Kraft walking her down the aisle instead of Bob Walsh.


Jenn and Dave will become husband and wife on May 22 of 2010, and I am ecstatic to be in Jenn's bridal party with four of her other fabulous friends!  These are some engagement pictures I took for them in Plymouth, which is where they got engaged 2 months ago.



IMG_9019 - Version 2_ps



 Jenn and Dave bought their first house together last year, and have worked so incredibly hard on this beautiful house in Pembroke!  They are truly making it their own home, together... and that definitely deserved a few pictures...


IMG_8340 - Version 2_ps1


IMG_8350 - Version 2_ps


 Next we headed to Plymouth for some pictures... and some amazing seafood at the Crow's Nest!


IMG_8394 - Version 2_ps1


IMG_8467 - Version 2_ps1


 This is the actual pier where Dave asked Jenn to be his wife.  Love it!


IMG_8544 - Version 2_ps1


IMG_8562 - Version 2_ps


 Note to self: when doing silhouette pictures, probably a good thing to have the groom remove his hat :)  I'll know for next time!


IMG_8515 - Version 2_ps


 Next we drove down the road to a public beach for some sunset action...




IMG_8752 - Version 2_ps1


IMG_8703 - Version 2_ps


IMG_8955 - Version 2_ps2


IMG_8940 - Version 2_ps1


 Doesn't the ring just hurt your eyes?  Bling bling!!!


IMG_8861 - Version 2_ps1


 What I love the most about Jenn and Dave's relationship is that they're always laughing.  They're always joking, they're always smiling, they're always looking at each other, eyes twinkling as if they have their own secret language.  And  although I've never actually seen or heard them fight, I know that if they do they also end it with a kiss... and laughter... and this will always keep their marriage just as strong as their relationship is today.


IMG_8881 - Version 2_ps1


 Last shots of the night...



IMG_8763 - Version 2_ps1


IMG_8774 - Version 2_ps1


 Jenn and Dave- thank you so much for letting me shoot some engagement pictures for you (and Jenn, you didn't even have to wait til you were 80!)  ;-)  Jenn, you have been an amazing friend to me over the years, and I could never do  enough to thank you for that.  Dave, thank you for making Jenn as happy as she deserves to be, always.  Can't wait to stand next to you both as you start your new lives together in May!


 (on a sidenote, these pictures are crystal clear on my computer, and are starting to look more blurry the more I post.  Can any of my photographer friends shed any light on this?  haha... just don't worry Dave and Jenn, they will be clear- I  promise!)