Kat and Ray

I spent this afternoon with Kat and Ray at their alma mater, UCONN!  Ray is actually the brother of one of my former brides, Genevieve, and Kat is the future Mrs. Ray Pollilio :)  Kat and Ray met at UCONN, so they wanted to have their engagement pictures taken there, as it is a special place for them.  I had so much fun walking around the UCONN campus with them, and hearing about how they met and fell in love.  And of course, any day that ends in a trip to a dairy bar is just fine with me. As I was driving home, I was scanning stations and I came across Daughtry's new song, Life After You.  Now, I am not a huge Chris Daughtry fan (I mean, really, full of yourself much?), but I couldn't help thinking how the song was the perfect end to the day.  The chorus of the song says "All that I'm after is a life full of laughter, as long as I'm laughing with you."  I spent two hours laughing with Kat and Ray, and watching them laugh with each other.  Kat and Ray have been together for almost 7 years, and I could still see her face light up when Ray would do something to make her laugh.  And as much as she tried to pretend she didn't think so, and even asked me to take a picture of her rolling her eyes at him (which of course I did), I could tell she still thought Ray was funny.  After seven years.  And after they take their vows in October, she'll be laughing with him as his wife, his best friend, and his soul mate.  So here's to Kat and Ray... wishing you guys a life full of laughter :)

These first pictures are with Jonathan, UCONN's mascot... and Jonathan's never looked so good!

In case you're wondering, yup... I'm pretty sure Ray is staring at Kat's butt :)

Ray gave us a pretty good "Blue Steel" for his Polaroid pic...