Kate and Steve


Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding for my friend Melissa Deschamp.  Kate and Steve were the lucky couple married in Bristol, RI, a town I had never visited before despite so many trips to places like Newport and Providence.  I don't even know where to begin with this wedding, except to say from the almost 3 years I've been doing this and the countless weddings I've shot and second shot, this was one of my favorites!  You really can't go wrong when you have a gorgeous couple, a gorgeous location, and so many personal touches and details.  A wedding like this is seriously like a photographer's dream, minus the 100 degree weather.  I mean, in all honesty, the day was PERFECT besides the heat, or maybe I should say in spite of it.  Unfortunately, humidity wreaks absolute havoc on my hair.  Like no lie, I'm pretty sure I look like a 16 year old girl who just got out of the mosh pit at a Justin Bieber concert in this kind of weather.  But I digress.  Anyways, did I mention how much I loved Kate and Steve, their families, and all the people who made Melissa and I feel so welcome at this wedding?  We had an absolutely amazing time, and got some amazing shots!


I hung out with the guys before the wedding, and I have to admit, I had a slight crush on one of the groomsmen.  I'm feeling bold because I know he'll never see this post, so there it is.  Me.  Crush.  Groomsman.  Sigh.  I might have even mentioned my crush to the bride, cause I'm SUPER APPROPRIATE.  Haha luckily Kate thought I was funny, so it's all good :)  Anyways, I had a great time with these guys, they were super fun and they braved the heat to oblige my photo requests.  Here are a couple of the guys!



Reason #1 I loved Steve and Kate so much- they did a First Look!  I'm telling you, First Looks are the absolute best.  If you're one of my brides reading this, you should do a First Look.  Just sayin' ;-)



The moment right after they saw each other for the first time...



Hello gorgeous!



Can we talk about these colors?  Love the yellow and blue!!!



I shot this from the side while Melissa did group formals!



More of Steve and Kate...









Ok, so let's talk details.  This was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever photographed, largely because Kate and Steve obviously put so much time and personality behind the details they chose for their day.  Beautiful colors, beautiful flowers, awesome table numbers they made themselves from antique postcards, I could go on and on.  They even had old matted maps to use as their "guestbook", purchased off one of my favorites sites ever, Etsy.com.  If you're planning a wedding, and looking for all the small details that is going to make your wedding day special and (not to sound SUPER corny) "uniquely you", guaranteed Etsy has what you're looking for.  So many talented vendors selling things you can't find anywhere else.  I have bought amazing stuff off of there recently for a few stylized shoots I did, and it has become one of my favorite websites.  Go check it out!


Now that my free advertisement for Etsy is over, let's get back to the wedding details :)




Kate told me that the different cakes were an "absolute must" for her... a girl who understands how important cake is... reason #128 of why I loved her! :)




Did I mention there was a Burlington, VT table?  AMAZING!  Kate used to live there and of course I had to gush to her about how much I love it there!



On the bottom right is the antique map I was talking about that Kate bought on Etsy.  So cool!



We snuck a few more pictures with Kate and Steve during cocktail hour...





First dance...






The happy couple... congratulations Kate and Steve, wishing you many years of health, happiness and love!