Krista: Senior Pictures

Yesterday morning I headed to Castle Island in Southie to hang out with Krista, her boyfriend Matt and their moms.  I met Krista last summer when I photographed her brother Allen for his portfolio, and I had such a blast clowning around with Allen, Tracy and Krista that Tracy asked me if I did senior pictures.  It's definitely not something I have a lot of experience in, but I have done a couple of these sessions lately and I have so much fun with seniors.  They're usually so excited about being a senior that the session is fun and laid back and doesn't even feel like work.  Krista and Matt were no exception... oh and they were both cute as buttons.  It was so good to see Krista and Tracy again, and to meet Matt and his mom.  I'm going to post Matt's pictures later, and then do a post later in the week of a few I took of both Krista and Matt together.  For now, ladies first.  Hope you like my favorites Krista!