Laura and Pete

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of heading up to Middlebury, Vermont, to second shoot for my friend Amanda of Orchard Cove Photography. I actually met Amanda about two years ago, when a mutual photographer friend heard me talking about moving to Vermont and said "You should talk to Amanda Herzberger, she's moving there too!"  Well, not that Vermont is a huge state or anything, but it's got enough pretty areas that I was surprised when I learned Amanda was moving to the exact area I want to move, right on Lake Champlain :)  If you have never been there before, I am not exaggerating- GO.  It is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see.  The sunsets each night will take your breath away, and during the day there's about a million and one things to do in the area.  I personally love it, and can't imagine calling anyplace else home, and Amanda feels the same way.  So much, in fact, that her and her husband just closed on a home there!  I am so happy for her, and look forward to following her up when I get back from Ireland.  For now, I am second shooting a few dates with her this summer, and Laura and Pete's wedding was the first.  

Let me just say this already goes down as one of my favorite weddings of the summer.  First of all, it was a Vermont wedding on a farm, so major points right there.  Second of all, an incredibly loving and fun couple, two very welcoming and kind families, and a beautiful setting for both the ceremony and reception= overall perfection!  And when I left to drive home, the sunset over the mountains was to die for.  I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed this day.  Thank you so much for having me Amanda!


I started my day at the Middlebury Inn with the guys....








Not a bad place to get married, huh?  This was called Abernathy Farm, and Pete used to work there growing up.  It was gorgeous.



Ahhhh, the infamous signs ;-)  If you want to read all about that story, visit my Facebook business page haha.



Laura's bouquet was perfection!



Pete waiting for his bride...



First Look time!










Absolute favorite!!!  And ya wanna know why?  Because we didn't tell Pete to do this.  I love couples who act natural and aren't afraid to show affection in front of the camera.  This was probably my favorite shot of the day!





Time to get hitched...




Another completely natural moment, and I'm not even kidding.  Right after they walked back down the aisle, Pete and Laura headed up to the side of the house to hide from everyone for a minute and get a moment alone.  Amanda and I both had our long lenses on, and started shooting, and the wind blew at the exact right second, and boomsauce.  Amazingly pretty image :)



After formal photos were done at Abernathy, we headed over to the Waybury Inn for the tented reception, where the details were adorable!  I loved Laura's flower choices and absolutely adored the company she used for calligraphy... basically, I'm going to have to get in touch with her when I get married someday haha.








Okay, so normally, I don't post this many First Dance photos, but again... Pete and Laura were being ADORABLE!  Completely natural with each other, just completely enjoying the moment together, and it made for my all-time favorite dance photos ever.






There were some great speeches...



Which led to some great reactions...



Parent dances!



Party time :)





And this was the sunset down the road as I was leaving Middlebury.  Laura and Pete, I wish you guys the absolute best that life has to offer.  Amanda, thank you so much for having me- as usual had a blast with you, and congratulations again on the new house!!!