Lucyanna Mae


Last Saturday morning I headed to Stoughton to photograph Lucyanna Mae Criscuolo, Brett and Genevieve's new addition!  I photographed Brett and Genna's wedding 2 years ago in Martha's Vineyard, and it was literally the second wedding I had photographed.  Looking back at those pictures now, I cringe at how many mistakes I made.  CRINGE.  Luckily I had a super gorgeous couple to bail me out and make my pictures look good regardless, but I still cannot believe how naive I was as a photographer back then.  Fast forward 2 years and not much has changed :)  I went into this photo session READY TO ROCK.  I reallllllly want to get more into newborn photography, and so I am excited for any practice I can get.  I bring props, I have ideas, I have a general knowledge of how to position and pose babies... and yet... newborn sessions continue to be an epic fail for me haha.  Oh newborns, why do you play me like you do?  I mean, really, I think I'm pretty awesome with kids (Shelby, feel free to confirm) but Lucyanna insisted on crying the ENTIRE time I was at the Criscuolo house.  Which I didn't really mind, except that it meant we couldn't put her into baskets and put ridiculous hats on her head.  Poor Brett really held out hope for putting her in a flower pot, right up until the bitter end.  But she was not having any of it, so we did what we could.  Hopefully Brett and Genna don't hate me too much, and go and replace me as the family photographer :)  Anywho, I did manage to get a COUPLE of non-crying photos.


There are literally about 200 different versions of black and white in Lightroom and PhotoShop, and this particular one I used to hate.  Then for some reason I tried it on a couple of these photos and LOVED IT, I felt like it was a very vintage-y looking black and white.  So I used it for a bunch of them... and without further ado, Lucyanna Mae!






Some cute headware from










Congratulations Brett and Genna, I'll see you next time I'm in town for a mini re-do ;-)