Megan and Dan

I'm going to start this post by saying I did not want to blog today.  I started out this week realizing I had something to blog every day this week, and I was all excited about it since sometimes I go weeks without blogging.  Then this afternoon, I got some awful, unexpected news, and it really threw me for a loop, way more than I could ever have imagined.  As much as the news saddened me, there are people hurting from it far worse than I ever could imagine, and so my heart is in London and I'm sending my prayers there as well.  I got through this afternoon with random bouts of crying, and I didn't think I would make it online to blog, but then I thought about what I blog here.  Family photos.  Couples in love.  Things that inspire me and make me happy and hopeful, and that's what I need today.  Hope.  I heard the phrase "everything happens for a reason" a few times today, and to be honest it's not very comforting in moments like this.  But the thing is, I have to believe it, otherwise nothing in life makes sense.  If it wasn't true, it would have to mean that bad things happen for no reason, and people would lose hope.  I would lose hope.  So instead I got on here to blog about Megan and Dan, a couple who gives me hope that everything does happen for a reason, who gives me hope that true love does exist and whose pictures remind me that the most important thing we have is family.  I second shot this wedding for Tania Sones, who I am eternally grateful to for working with me, and who I now consider both a colleague and a friend.  You can check out her awesome collages from Megan and Dan's wedding here. Megan and Dan were married in Connecticut a few weeks ago, at a gorgeous ceremony in Oxford followed be a reception at the Waterview.  They were the sweetest couple, and as crazy in love as any couple I have photographed.   It's always beautiful to watch two people commit their lives to each other wholeheartedly, and I'm grateful very time I get to be there to capture it.  Here is Megan starting down the aisle with her dad!

I was up in the balcony for the recessional...

Can you tell there's a third person in this photo?  Bet you couldn't tell until now :)

Megan and Dan, congratulations on your marriage and your family... I wish you both nothing but the best!  Tania- thank you again for having me along!