Melanie and Sergio

Today I wanted to share some images from another wedding I did with the talented and gorgeous Rachel Buckley!  Melanie and Sergio were married in Salem, and the reception was actually in a town I used to live in with my good friend Katie, Danvers.  I never knew it, but right up from the road from us was this gorgeous old estate, perfect for a wedding, called Glen Magna Farms.  It was great to shoot there... also great to get Kelly's Roast Beef after the wedding was over on my way out of town :)  IT'S ALL ABOUT FOOD.  Anyways, Melanie was one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen... and despite the almost-unbarable heat, Rachel and I had a blast with these guys.  Here are some favorites from the day!



She's kinda pretty right?  Um yeah.




The estate had this great big ol' tree that made a huge canopy underneath, and lovers carve their initials into it.  So sweet!





Love the pink parasols!

The church was very beautiful, very different, and very old.  It had these very tall, heavy wood pew doors.  Which of course, I managed to trip on and slam one shut in the middle of the ceremony.  BULL IN A CHINA SHOP.


Pretty pink details...






Congrats to Melanie and Sergio, and thank you again for having me Rachel!