Melissa and Ian


On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend I met up with Melissa and Ian on Church Street in Burlington.  Melissa is a friend of one of my favorite bride's everrrrr Ani, whose getting married one week from today!  I can't wait to photograph that wedding, but I was equally as excited to meet up with these two- thank you Ani for referring me!  Melissa and Ian were so sweet.  Ian was actually a photography student, so he asked a couple good questions... hopefully I gave semi-good answers :)  We had a plan to end at the waterfront at sunset, but due to the crazy weather and the fact that the waterfront is not so picturesque with the flooding right now, we kind of winged it.  But I had a great time regardless, and it's hard not to get great shots when you have a beautiful couple who are so in love.  Here are some favorites!



What is it with me and brick walls?  I need to stop... but I love this pic!




We stopped at the park on the way down to the waterfront...





Addicted to the Seventies action on these two photos...



Benches outside men's bathrooms are just oh so romantic :)




I was addicted to this wall outside the aquarium.  These are probably all my favorites!





This is my all-time favorite.  Thank you Melissa and Ian for being so awesome!  Hope to see you when I move to Vermont :)