Miss Izz

Yesterday morning I headed to eastern MA to meet the newest addition to the Bukhenik family, Isabelle Catherine.  Her parents and big sister, Shelby, Yuri and Emma, have graced my blog several times, and now Izzie has arrived to add to their joy.  Shelby is one of my closest friends, and her first daughter Emma is one of the most amazing children you will ever meet.  Seriously, every time I am around her, I start to calm down.  My life gets chaotic and sometimes I get caught up in my own little dramas, but being around kids like Emma, who run around chasing butterflies or laughing at flowers, the way she finds wonder in every day things that most adults take for granted- it always puts things in perspective for me.  I knew it would be the same way with Izzie, and I was right.  It's been kind of a rough week, lots going on, so I was excited to spend time with Shelby and hold Izzie in my arms.  And as soon as I did, I was again reminded of how small my problems are, and how big love can be.  I remember watching Where the Heart Is with Natalie Portman years ago, and when she holds her daughter for the first time, she says "How can you love someone so much that you just met?"  I know Shelby felt the same way when she held her daughter for the first time, and I am so happy for her and her family.  They are truly amazing people, and I love watching their family grow!

I really want to get better at photographing babies, coming up with unique angles and props and ideas, so I brought along a few things and we experimented a little.  It's nice to have parents that completely trust me, like it's a normal thing when I say "Ok, let's put your newborn daughter on this cakeplate" haha.  But Shelby had seen pictures like this on other blogs, and of course, Anne Geddes made photography like this famous for newborns, so we tried a couple things.

Cakeplate time!

Back outside for a few more...

I love the bookshelf ones!!!

Last shots of the afternoon...

Shelby and Yuri- congrats on your beautiful new addition!  Love you to pieces and can't wait to hold her in my arms again soon!  Oh and Emma too, but she's old news by now right?  ;-) xoxo