Molly and Eric

Saturday afternoon I headed to Gloucester and Rockport with the photography girls to photograph Molly and Eric.  Sarah, Melissa, Molly and I try to get together once every month or so and shoot, talk photo, and bounce ideas off each other.  This month Molly asked if we wouldn't mind taking some pictures of her and her boyfriend Eric.  They have been together for four years and she really wanted some good pictures of them for around their apartment and for her website.  Molly and Eric are pretty much adorable, and have pretty much felt like roommates lately since I feel like I'm at Molly's all the time :)  I can tell they are going to be together forever... not just because of the way Eric looks at Molly... not just because he loves her enough to let us torture him with an afternoon of pictures... but also because Molly has told me some pretty hilarious stories from when they were first dating... and if a couple can get through what they did... the good, the bad, and the hilarious... within the first couple months of dating, they can get through anything.  So without further ado, here is Miss Molly with the love of her life Eric!

Molly brought some props for the shoot.  First we used the antique camera bookends she has...

And then we had some balloon fun!

In downtown Rockport...

Melissa was freezing and went in to buy a sweatshirt.  While we were waiting, Molly was literally trying to give away her prop balloons to kids but no one would take them.  I snapped this while we sat there laughing and I really loved it.

We found the Molly's ice cream place!  Perfect way to end the shoot :)