Renee and Andrew

Let me start out by saying Monday was not the best day for me.  Any day that starts out with a fall into a shrub and ends with a trip to the Beverly hospital is not going to be my favorite.  Mix in the $150 speeding ticket I got on the Mass Pike, and Monday was downright dismal.  But Monday was also the day I got to photograph Renee and Andrew, so all in all, it was still a pretty good day :) Renee had contacted me a few months ago regarding doing her wedding photography, and we met up last month in Tewskbury to talk details about her big day.  From the minute her and Andrew walked in, I knew they were a photographer's dream: sweet, down to earth, fun people who are totally in love.  And it doesn't hurt that they look like they just stepped out of a Gap ad as well :)  I met up with them on Monday afternoon in Lynch Park, and from the minute we started, Andrew and Renee were so self-conscious!  Even when I told them about my fall into a shrub... and even when I fell... AGAIN... during their shoot (did I mention I'm sometimes a little klutzy?)  They kept asking "Should I smile?  Does this look okay?"  I was honestly laughing so much because I'm pretty sure the two of them could have both been flipping the camera off the whole session, and everyone looking at the photos would have been all "Oh my God!  They're sooooooo adorable."  Cause they really are!  I hope they feel more comfortable with me and my big ol' camera now because I am so beyond excited to shoot their wedding in Salem next year!  Andrew and Renee, you guys rock.  Thank you for trusting me and being so fun to work with.  Hope you like my favorites!


I think this next one is my favorite!

I loved this next one, as Andrew was fixing Renee's hair... don't you just love how he looks at her?  Love is awesome :)

I love how they make each other laugh!

More favorites!

I posted a few different shots from these on Facebook, so visit me there and see the rest of my Renee/ Andrew favorites!