Sneak Peek

Last Sunday I helped Molly with a boudoir party for some women in Weymouth.  Four friends got together with wine and munchies and fun outfits and hired Molly and I to take some pictures for their fiancees and husbands.  Boudoir photos are basically a fun, sexy thing for women to do as a gift or just for themselves: they pick sexy lingerie that they may not normally wear, or bring a piece of their husband/ boyfriends clothing and slip into that and take some photos.  I have assisted on one of these sessions before, and I think it makes a great gift idea for the groom on the wedding day or a great Valentine's Day or anniversary gift.  A lot of people choose to have the pictures bound in a "little black book" to give to their significant other.  I will be posting some pictures from the session sometime in the next week, but here's a little sneak peek... IMG_8310 - Version 2