Sophia Flaven

Did you ever just have things go completely wrong?  You have a bad day, but once it's over you figure tomorrow will be better.  Only it's not, and something else goes wrong, and then something else.  I've had one of those weeks, and I've actually never been more excited to go back to work after a long weekend.  That's saying something.  There's a Joe Purdy song that could be a soundtrack to this weekend: "Can't Get It Right Today."  If it wasn't for a few awesome friends and one adorable baby, I think I would have had that song on repeat all weekend while crying into my pint of Ben & Jerry's.  Luckily, that didn't happen (well, not the WHOLE weekend anyways) and I got myself together long enough to hang out with Kelly, Sophia and Tom yesterday.  It's funny, no matter what mood I am in or how bad things seem to be, I see a baby like Sophia, and I'm always reminded how tiny my problems really are.  In the grand scheme of it all, family, friends and love are the most important things in the world,  and it's nice to be surrounded by all three on a bad day. Kelly and I have known each other since 2003, when we pledged Gamma Phi Beta at BSC (ahem, sorry... BSU) together.  I'm not going to lie, we were sisters, but we weren't always the best of friends.  Looking back, you think about things you had disagreements about or things that caused rifts between two people, and at the time, it may have seemed like the biggest thing in the world.  Now, I laugh, because we wasted a lot of time not being close over the stupidest things in the world.  I regret that, and I'm proud to call her my friend today.  Kelly is an amazing woman, a kind person, and has evolved into a wonderful wife and mother.  I don't get to see her as often as I'd like, but I was so excited to meet up with her, baby Sophia and Tom yesterday.  I wasn't planning on working this weekend but I'm so glad I did!  Kelly, I love ya, your daughter is beautiful and I can't wait to watch your family grow!  And Tom, thanks for playing along :)  Hope you guys like these!

I love the sheep pictures!  That thing was so soft, I want one!

Which way to the gym? :)

A friend of Kelly's made the most BEAUTIFUL baby quilt for Sophia...

One of my all-time favorites... and yes I brought a baseball glove with me with this in mind :)  If Sophia's going to be a Red Sox girl ya gotta start her off early!

The whole fam...

I'll end with another favorite... congratulations Flaven family!