Tia and Adam


My cousin Adam has been my favorite cousin since we were kids.  Seems awkward to put it out there like that (and sorry to all my other cousins) but he knows it, I know it, and pretty much everyone else knows it.  We're only a few months apart in age, so growing up he was the closest thing I had to a brother.  He was always there for me and I hope I returned the favor.  He was my confidante, my comedian, and the first time I moved to Nashville he was my wingman, a role I know he looooooooved even though it meant carrying my purse and suffering through country music while I searched for my future husband amongst all the cowboys in Tootsies :)  The second time I moved to Nashville was for a longer period of time, and Adam had started dating Tia, a true Southern girl from Mississippi who was smart, funny, and didn't put up with any of his crap.  I didn't see Adam as much, but that was okay, because when I did see him he was always happier than I'd ever seen him before.  I knew this was because of Tia, and it made me love her even more.  I am so happy to say that Adam proposed to Tia this week on the top of Mount Mansfield, and I got to see them and the BEAUTIFUL ring Adam picked out last night.  Unfortunately they brought the tornado warnings with them up from Nashville,  so we didn't get to go outside to take any pictures, but I grabbed these two as we laughed and reminisced and talked about wedding plans.  I am so excited for a Nashville wedding!!!  Nashville is such an important part of my life and I can't wait to have all my family down there as I watch my favorite cousin marry the love of his life.  I can't wait for them to see what an amazing place it is, and to experience amazing music and food and a culture you can't find many places.  Adam, I am so proud of you and the person you've become.  And Tia, I couldn't be more thrilled and can't wait for you to join our family, even though you unofficially already have.  Congratulations to you both!