Shelby and Yuri: Take Two

Sunday I did a session in Newport with Shelby, Yuri and another aspiring photographer Molly Bergeron.  While we could technically call this a Trash the Dress session (because that's what we did), I would rather call it "Wedding Formals- 9 Months Later".  It has a nicer ring to it.  Or maybe I just haven't slept in 5 days.  Yup, that's probably it.  

Shelby is one of my closest friends from college, was my big sister in my sorority (even though I am older), and was even my roommate for my last semester at school.  She got married this past November, and I was honored she asked me to photograph her wedding.  I was also TERRIFIED since it was the first wedding I ever did on my own.  Due to the hectic schedule of the day, no time was left for formal pictures of her and her husband Yuri, and I felt really bad that there wasn't a huge variety of pictures of just the two of them in a pretty location.  We decided to do another shoot in the summer, and after a couple of rescheduled dates due to all of us being so busy, we were finally able to head out to Newport Sunday, and have the very talented Molly come along with us and be our unofficial Newport tour guide.


I tried my best Sunday, but it was haaaaard.  I mean, I tried to be funny and make Shelby and Yuri laugh, telling them the story about the Domino's delivery guy and Haggerty's bacon pizza, recounting with Shelby all the losers we used to crush on at BSC and all the awesome townie bar crawls we did before we discovered Boston, things that usually make us crack up now.  But bottom line is it was hot, it was BRIGHT, and my subjects were slightly hungover (I blame Genevieve).  But they were troopers, we all did our best and hopefully some of these shots show what a fun couple and how in love these two are.  Not to mention that once again, the dress I picked out was PERFECT and fit Shelby beautifully.  I mean, I choked up a little when I saw her, and she's been married for 9 months.  That's how awesome she looked.  Oh and Yuri was very handsome as well, but no tears over that :)  We didn't get to make it to all the places we wanted to, but we still had a blast and got to finish it off with some excellent seafood, so as far as I'm concerned it was a great day!


They wanted to take a few pictures in their normal clothes before getting into the suit and dress, so I am going to post those shots first and follow it up with the dressy pictures in the next post so I don't slow my site down!


IMG_5033 - Version 2



IMG_5015 - Version 2


IMG_5045 - Version 2


IMG_5057 - Version 2


Well hello there....


IMG_5093 - Version 2


IMG_5107 - Version 2IMG_5125 - Version 2


I love the Super Fun Happy action in PhotoShop.  I used it in the next two photos- because it looks cute and because honestly, what could describe these two better?


IMG_5148 - Version 2


IMG_5239 - Version 2


This might be my favorite picture of the day.  Honestly, how pretty is my big sister?


IMG_5164 - Version 2


IMG_5161 - Version 2


IMG_5186 - Version 2


IMG_5178 - Version 2


IMG_5258 - Version 2_ps


IMG_5209 - Version 2


Check back later tonight for pics of Shelby and Yuri rocking the wedding gear!