Shelby and Yuri Continued....

Okay, so here we go with the fabulous conclusion of Shelby and Yuri's photo session.   After we photographed Shelby and Yuri in normal clothes, we headed to the marina.  Thanks to Molly, we had access to a private marina and boat that belongs to a friend of her father's!  We were all jealous and considered taking off to Mexico in the boat, but then we remembered the swine flu and Hurricane Jimena and got over it.  Or we didn't have the keys.  Whichever.  

Shelby changed into the dress on the boat, and she looked STUNNING.  Here are some of the boat shots...


IMG_5273 - Version 2


IMG_5288 - Version 2


IMG_5359 - Version 2



IMG_5339 - Version 2


IMG_5374 - Version 2


IMG_5382 - Version 2


IMG_5396 - Version 2


IMG_5434 - Version 2


IMG_5438 - Version 2


So I felt really bad, because I sent poor Yuri out for flowers for a bouquet... and then we barely used them.  But I took this one to show off how I decorated it- I hope our fellow GPhiB's appreciate this beautiful-ness!


IMG_5462 - Version 2


IMG_5490 - Version 2


So on the way into the marina, I almost had a heart attack.  The very FIRST boat docked in the marina was called the Emma.  It was like fate- Emma is the name of Shelby and Yuri's beautiful baby girl!  I took these pictures in her honor. She was off splashing around in Auntie Paula's pool while we did her parents photo shoot!


IMG_5496 - Version 2


IMG_5512 - Version 2


Next we headed to the Goat Island Light House for these shots.  I was beyond thrilled with the location- the pictures online really don't do justice to how beautiful Goat Island is.  I have always been semi-obsessed with lighthouses since I was a kid, so I was thrilled to take these pictures, and also thrilled that the wedding scheduled there wasn't until 5:00, so we had time to sneak up and shoot before it began!


IMG_5528 - Version 2


IMG_5558 - Version 2


IMG_5595 - Version 2_ps


IMG_5609 - Version 2


IMG_5615 - Version 2




IMG_5640 - Version 2


IMG_5644 - Version 2_ps


IMG_5685 - Version 2


IMG_5728 - Version 2


IMG_5742 - Version 2


IMG_5745 - Version 2


IMG_5756 - Version 2


So I have to admit, neither Molly or myself will be winning any awards for art direction any time soon.  Our instructions for these next shots?  "Play".  :)  Ahhh well I still think they look cute.


IMG_5780 - Version 2


IMG_5783 - Version 2


IMG_5825 - Version 2


IMG_5873 - Version 2


IMG_5906 - Version 2


IMG_5853 - Version 2


IMG_5894 - Version 2


IMG_5893 - Version 2


Shelby and Yuri- thank you so much for giving me a second chance to capture your amazing-ness!  I hope you like the shots and had fun, despite the heat and the 100 pound wedding dress.  Love you both, and in case I forget in November, happy anniversary! ;-)