Trash the Dress with Katie

Okay, so you all are probably getting sick of seeing my Trash the Dress sessions.  And by you all I clearly mean my aunts and whatever other member of my family is bored enough to read this blog :)  Anywho, another fabulous TTD last night with Katie.  It was again hard to pick my favorites, but here are a couple.  I love Trash the Dresses because they are so much more relaxed and fun than a regular photo shoot.  I have 3 more lined up for the rest of the summer!  And this one we finally trashed- the others barely got dirty despite our best efforts!  

IMG_9884 - Version 2_b


IMG_9924 - Version 2_b



IMG_9909 - Version 2_b


IMG_9870 - Version 2_b



IMG_9832 - Version 2_b


IMG_9817 - Version 2_b


IMG_9795 - Version 2_b


IMG_9791 - Version 2_b


IMG_0063 - Version 2_b


IMG_0113 - Version 2_b


IMG_0085 - Version 2_b


IMG_0055 - Version 2_b


IMG_0107 - Version 2_b


IMG_0127 - Version 2_b


My last shot of the night- which I love because we finally, finally trashed one!


IMG_0184 - Version 2_b