Workshop: Hilary and Steve

IMG_4881 - Version 2_ps Meet Hilary and Steve, the cutest couple ever.  Yup, I met them for approximately five minutes, but sometimes you can just tell :)  Steve and Hilary were the only non-models in my workshop last week, who had lost ALL of their wedding photos because of their photographer having a hard drive problem and not backing anything up.   Their story made me SOOOOOO NERVOUS, but it also made me so glad that my workflow includes backing up images immediately upon download.  I use to complain about the number of blank DVD's I have to buy every month.  Not anymore!

So here are some of Hilary and Steve in their original wedding attire!

IMG_4832 - Version 2_1

IMG_4864 - Version 2_ps

IMG_4868 - Version 2

IMG_4920 - Version 2

IMG_4927 - Version 2

Hello gorgeous...

IMG_4972 - Version 2

Outside the Commander's Mansion...

IMG_5525 - Version 2

IMG_5573 - Version 2

IMG_5613 - Version 2

IMG_5594 - Version 2

IMG_5624 - Version 2

IMG_5645 - Version 2

IMG_5677 - Version 2

IMG_5667 - Version 2

IMG_5692 - Version 2