Workshop: The Souder's and The O'Shea's

Meet Meg Allison and Josh Souder.  Actually, in this post, you’re going to be “meeting” Mark and Jay O’Shea, but I wouldn’t have met them without Meg and Josh, so let’s start there :)  Meg and Josh make up Souder Photography, a kick-butt wedding photography team out of Nashville that I was turned onto a few months ago.  From the minute I saw their blog, I was hooked.  They have a style that I haven’t seen anywhere else, a look and feel to their pictures that is uniquely them, and I knew they were photographers I wanted to learn from.  I started e-mailing with Meg about different photography and PhotoShop techniques, and finally asked if they do workshops or one-on-one sessions.  Luckily for me they did, and since I already had a trip to Nashville planned for my cousin’s wedding, it worked out perfectly!  I met with them the day after the wedding, and from the minute I walked into their gorgeous house, I felt completely at home.  Meg and Josh were funny, down to earth, oh and did I mention?  They’re completely in love :)  They’re getting married in September, so I brought them each a gift I think might come in handy on their wedding day!  Actually, I was secretly hoping if I buttered them up with fun gifts they might invite me to third-shoot a wedding with them next time I’m in Tennessee , but shhhh… don’t tell ;-) At the end of a fabulous afternoon of Mexican food and photography talk, O’Shea arrived for their photo session.  Mark and Jay O’Shea are good friends of Meg and Josh, and I must say I was quite intimidated to be hanging out with such a talented, good looking crew.  Meg and Josh actually met while they were contestants on Nashville Star, and are both accomplished singers and songwriters.  Mark and Jay O’Shea were contestants on CMT's Can You Duet, and since I got home from Tennessee I have been playing their songs “Alone” and “Sing Amen” on repeat.  I could immediately see why these four musicians are such good friends: just like Meg and Josh, Mark and Jay were down to earth, incredibly fun to hang out with, and sweet as can be.  I had so much fun shooting O’Shea with Meg and Josh, please click here to go to their website and listen to their fabulousness for yourself!  Beautiful voices and beautiful people... what more can you ask for on a Sunday afternoon? :)

Quick little outfit change... I mean honestly, how hot are these two?

I was going to turn this photo into B&W but I decided I liked the very last specs of color from the sunset :) Meg and Josh actually turned me onto some awesome PhotoShop actions that I will soon own, so I may be posting more from the workshop when I have time to really sit down and play around in PhotoShop.  Meg and Josh, I can't thank you enough for having me to your house and sharing your fabulousness with me.  You are truly unique and special people with amazing talent, and I can't wait to see you continue to rock wedding photography.  O'Shea, you guys were simply amazing to work with, and your love for each other is inspiring.  I hope you had as much fun as I did!  xoxoxox, hope to see y'all next time I'm in NashVegas!