Ali and James

Today I got together with the photography girls (Molly Bergeron, Melissa Deschamp, Sarah Hildebrandt and Emily Dingee) to do some practice shooting.  The 5 of us met pretty randomly through friends and through a workshop, and decided to start meeting once every two months to practice different things.  Today we went to my old church and practiced church lighting, because as any new photographer knows, it is one of the hardest lighting situations to deal with.  We needed something to shoot in the afternoon, so I called upon my friends Ali and James to help us out with some engagement pictures :) I have known Ali for what feels like forever.  We pretty much grew up together, were best friends through high school, and also went to the same college (BSC Bears what what!).   I have had some bad luck in the dating department, but Ali pretty much takes the cake when it comes to "unlucky in love".  Or she did, until she met James.  They say everything happens for a reason, and this is a case where I really belief this saying to be true.  James is amazing, and he makes Ali as happy as I have ever seen her.  Which makes me happy, because she deserves nothing but the best.  They actually are using the studio I intern for for their wedding photography, but I asked if they wouldn't mind helping us out as we practiced, and they happily agreed.  I know James doesn't loooooove having his picture taken, so I am very grateful to him for coming along... and for making my friend as happy as she deserves to be.  Thanks for helping us today guys!