Birthday boudoir

About a month ago, a client contacted me, asking me to photograph some pictures of her for her husband's birthday.  She had seen the boudoir pictures on my blog and thought it would make a great gift idea for her hubby.  I went over to her house on a Sunday afternoon and took some amazing photos, if I do say so myself.  This client didn't want her face on the blog, but did okay me to post some body shots, which I really wanted to do to show what a difference the light made.  The other boudoir session I did with Molly was at night, and without studio lighting, it was really a hard situation.  As I was taking these, I was so excited because I could see how much better the pictures were coming out due to the great afternoon light we had coming in from the windows.  Here are a couple more from the day!

Hope the hubby enjoyed them! ;-)