Ashlye and Zack

Last weekend I headed out to eastern MA to hang with Molly and help shoot Ashlye and Zack's wedding.  Ashlye and Zack were married at the Wachusett Inn, and honestly, Molly and I had the best time.  On our way up to the wedding, Molly kept telling me how awesome Ashlye and Zack were, how totally head over heels for each other they were, how Zack had the Boston tough guy thing going on but was really a big teddy bear when it came to Ashlye... and Molly was definitely right on all counts!  Ashlye and Zack were so much fun, so in love, and Zack started crying just LOOKING at his vows... and by that I mean in the morning, two hours before the ceremony, when I asked him if I could photograph them.  And then I started to read them, and I started crying too!  Sidenote: I had just met this couple about ten minutes prior.  Anywho, it was a beautiful day and as always I had a blast with Molly.  Here are my favorites!

Do you think Zack's nephew was excited?

Zack trying to catch a peek at his bride...

The radiant Ashlye with her parents... I love how her Dad is looking up at the sky, like he's pleading with the rain to hold off for just a couple more minutes!

And the sobfest begins again... and by that I mean me and Molly... I mean, c'mon, what photographer DOESN'T cry at vows the couple wrote themselves?!?!

It's official!

Time for some formals...

First dance...

The bride and groom being toasted and roasted :)

I love this moment between Ashlye and her mom!

I'm putting this in for my Boston friends... yes there was a Sissy K's table... did I not tell you they were the best couple ever?!?!

Parent dances...

A special shout out has to be to given to Table 5... Molly and I were sat at a guest table, and were basically rolling on the floor from the minute we sat down.  ROLLING.  What an awesome table to be stuck at.  Our friend with the crutches even went to bat for Molly (quite literally, with his crutch) later in the evening.  Love them!

Future brides and grooms, always make sure to feed your photographer cake.  Trust me, it makes them happy... or psychotic :)  (She's going to kill me, but look at this fun pic of Molly and Doug! haha)

The beauty of two shooters: while Molly went into a guest room upstairs and knocked out a screen window so she could get a wide angle of all the guests with the bride and groom, I shot this... and I will end this post with it because it makes me smile!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!  Have fun, stay safe, and always remember what this day is really about.  I'm off to shoot a wedding with Tania Sones!