Lindsey and Dave

Saturday morning I headed to West Boylston to meet up with Lindsey and Dave and take their engagement pictures!  Dave was actually the very first person to contact me when my new website went up, and I was so excited because I thought he just found me randomly.  Then I realized he was a referral from my friends Erin and Bill... and I was even MORE excited since I knew if Erin and Bill were friends with him, he must be awesome!  I was right, he didn't disappoint, and neither did his beautiful fiance Lindsey.  Dave is actually being deployed next week, and it breaks my heart to think of this amazing couple apart, because when you're with them, it doesn't take long to recognize that they belong together.  But it warms my heart to think of how happy their homecoming will be next year, because when Dave gets back, he will take on a new role- as Lindsey's husband.  I am honored that they asked me to photograph their engagement, and I can't wait to photograph their Vermont wedding in November of 2011!  (I mean, really, my first Vermont wedding of my own- you know these people hold a special spot in my heart!)  Lindsey and Dave- thank you for being you, for being in love, and for sharing that love with the ones around you.  The next year will not be easy, but the 70 years that follow that will be the happiest of your lives.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your happiness!

We did the engagement pictures at an old stone church in West Boylston... it was the perfect spot for pictures and we used it for quite a few!

I'll end with two of my favorites from the session, that I thought were pretty fitting considering that Dave is one of the awesome people who we can thank for keeping our country safe.  Dave, have a safe tour- can't wait to see you and Lindsey together again soon!