Christine and baby Tyler

It seems like just yesterday that Christine was calling me up, shrieking in my ear that she was engaged.  I’ve known her and Kyle for about 7 years, and since the beginning they have been the perfect couple.  They have so much love for their family and friends, so we all knew it was only a matter of time until they welcomed a child to share that love with.  Sure enough, Christine called me shrieking that she was pregnant in January of 2008.  Tyler Armand Beluzo was born on September 2nd (my mom’s birthday too!) and has been the apple of his parent’s eye ever since.  I’m so happy for Christine and Kyle and love to watch as Tyler grows and learns new things.  These are a few maternity pictures I took of Christine about a month before Tyler arrived.   






This is a "guitar" Christine bought when she visited me in Nashville.  She wanted to bring a little country music to Tyler's room.










Christine, thank you for being such a good friend over the years.  I appreciate it more than you know.  Kyle, thank you for being the guy who makes my friend so happy.


And Tyler, thanks for being so darn cute!