I’ll never forget the day Lindsay called and told me I was going to be an “auntie”.  Lindsay’s not my sister, but has been one of my closest friends for so long she might as well be.  She and Dave got married on October 13, 2006, which happened to be a Friday.  Friday the 13th.  Everyone thought it was a bad sign, but since Lindsay’s so smart and doesn’t believe in superstition, they stuck to that date anyway, and have been happy together ever since.  I think Reece is living proof that superstitions are for suckers.  Lindsay and Dave were blessed with the cutest, most loving, adorable little boy you’ve ever seen.  Okay, so he had Dave’s nose when he came out and we were all worried, but he has outgrown his newborn awkwardness and is now pretty much my favorite male on the planet.  Besides Ben.  And Jerry.   







I’m also extremely proud to say the first good picture that came out of my Canon was of Reece.  It was the first week I got my camera, before I knew about ISO, shutter speed, or the dreaded A-word: aperture.  I got lucky with a couple shots.  It didn’t hurt I had such a handsome subject :)






These are a few updated shots I took of Reece recently.  He gets cuter every day!




Waiting for Daddy to get home...




Playing with Uncle Jeff...




I'm so proud of Lindsay and Dave for raising such a loving baby.  They are the greatest friends and even greater parents.  Love you guys!