Cindy and Tom

This morning I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding for Jessica Kazcenski!  I was very tired, having assisted Dani on a wedding last night, but I was glad I went and met Cindy and Tom. They were an older couple from Colrain, who pretty much defined the term "young at heart".  The second we walked in the door, Cindy shouted "Are you ready for my boudoir session?"  and ran towards the bedroom.  The fact that she is about my mother's age and even knew what a boudoir session was made me fall in love immediately.  And when I met Tom, I could see within 5 minutes why these two were so perfect together.  They were cracking jokes and laughing, having a great time as they joined their lives and their families together, and I thank Jess for letting me be a part of it.  I have an early session in Newport, RI tomorrow so not too much time to blog, but here is a pic of Cindy and Tom's rings.  Congratulations to the happy couple!  

IMG_1040 - Version 2