Maria and Justin

A photographer I worked with once told me there are two kinds of love, and I'll start to learn the difference as I shoot couples on their wedding day.  She said the first kind is the over-the-top, passionate kind, the shout-it-from-a-mountaintop kind, the kind whose engagement story involves a big scoreboard at a sold-out baseball game.  The second is more subtle, it's quiet and serene, it's a kiss on the hand or a knowing smile, it's a private joke that can be told by one quick glance.  I used to be a girl who would undoubtedly choose the first kind, simply because I have been told my voice is at the same pitch as a dog whistle.  I've always been loud and outgoing, and 3 years ago a proposal on a scoreboard would have been just up my alley.  But lately, as I navigate through my late 20's and acquire all the divine wisdom that comes with that, I have started to lean the other way.  Marriage is about the love and respect between two people, and there's nothing in any handbook that says that love has to be shared with the whole world in order to be just as real and passionate as any other kind.  Just ask Justin and Maria, the couple I photographed yesterday. From the moment I met them, I knew their love wasn't the first type, but I watched their interaction and was always intrigued.  They may be a quiet couple, but they are quite obviously as in love as two people could possibly be.  They don't need words filling the space between them to know that their feelings are real, and they don't need to waste time trying to prove to their world that their relationship is something special.  They know, and they know without words and complications that they belong together.  They simply FIT, and in the quiet moments I spent with them yesterday in between the craziness of the day, I was grateful to be spending my time with two people who had known it was right, right from the start, and followed that gut feeling through six years, to their wedding day.  

Maria and Justin are friends of mine through John, so I wanted to make sure I got some amazing images for them on their wedding day.  I asked Jessica Kaczenski to tag along and she did an incredible job as usual!  Here are a few of my favorite images from the day...













Let's talk about the bouquets.  LOVED THEM!  The floral designs for the ceremony were simply beautiful.  Kathy from Wisteria Vine in Hatfield did a wonderful job, and I would highly recommend her for any floral needs you may have!


IMG_1775 - Version 2


Justin and Maria had an amazing Rabbi perform their ceremony, and he was nice enough to pose for this shot for me!  For more information on Steven Blane and his services, click here.


IMG_1784 - Version 2


IMG_1746 - Version 2


The bride and her father...


IMG_1813 - Version 2


IMG_1886 - Version 2


IMG_1833 - Version 2


IMG_1873 - Version 2


Making it official... signing the marriage license!


IMG_1928 - Version 2


IMG_1949 - Version 2_b


Ring exchange...


IMG_1898 - Version 2_b


During the Seven Blessings...


IMG_1951 - Version 2_b


L' Chaim!


IMG_1958 - Version 2


IMG_2137 - Version 2_b


IMG_2121 - Version 2_ps


IMG_2169 - Version 2_b


IMG_2179 - Version 2


IMG_2187 - Version 2_b


IMG_2217 - Version 2_b


IMG_2192 - Version 2_b


IMG_2269 - Version 2


IMG_2281 - Version 2


Showing off the rings....




Okay, so there was a cute baby contest going on at the reception.  One of the babies belongs to my friend John, who was the one to introduce me to Maria and Justin.  His fiancee, Kristen, had Jack in May, and he is adoooooooorable, but I'm not going to name which baby Jack is.  I'll let the viewers decide since I am clearly biased on which baby was the cutest :)




IMG_2321 - Version 2_b


I'll make the first dance my last picture!


IMG_2331 - Version 2_b


Justin and Maria, thank you so much for letting Jess and I be a part of your special day.  We had so much fun and wish you nothing but the best as you begin your married life together.