Hannah and Joe: Mattapoisett Tent Wedding

I guess to explain my friendship with Hannah, you would have to go back to Shelby.  Doesn't it always come back to Shelby?  Shelby, it is really all about you, always ;-)  Shelby was my friend, big sister and roommate at Bridgewater State, and ever since then, she's been one of my biggest supporters in my photography career.  If you look back through my blog, you will find her and her family peppered on here over the years.  She has two of the cutest little girls you have ever seen, and if it hadn't been for them (or at least Emma), I would never have met Hannah and Joe.  

See, when Shelby got married and had Emma, she left school for a little while.  I had already graduated, since I was a year older, and when she went back to school after having the girls, she was in with a whole new class and group of friends.  Enter Hannah.  Hannah and Shelby met sitting next to each other in class, and since Hannah is pretty much the nicest person ever, they became friends.  Shelby was big into blogging at that point, and showed Hannah the pictures I had taken when Emma was born, when Izzie was born, her maternity pics, her wedding pics... Hannah got to see it all thanks to the bragging of one proud mama :)  And Hannah, total sweetheart that she is, fell in love with me over the internet.  And I'm not exaggerating when I say she messaged me the DAY AFTER she got engaged and told me she wanted me to be her wedding photographer.  Didn't ask, told.  And I LOVED it.  A couple weeks later, I met her and Joe at a Starbucks (which, coincidentally, is where they met, only in Vermont and not in Stoughton) and I hit it off with them immediately.  It is so hard not to.


First of all, they are both two of the most genuine people you've ever met.  They are not fake or contrived in any way; they are friendly, real, funny, and original.  They have no reason to be fake:  they are two amazing people who like being around people.  And people like being around them because of it.  Win win.


Secondly,  they know what's important.  When Joe proposed to Hannah, her sister and niece were there, because he knows:  family is important.  They hold the people they love close, and they understand how precious it is to have people you can count on and who will be there for you, as you are for them.  They have the same values and place the same importance on friends and family, and I think that bond will hold them together above everything else.


And lastly, they are head-over-heels in love with each other.  No pretenses, no expectations- they love each other wholly and completely, for who they are and who they want to be.  They truly are best friends who make each other laugh, make each other smile, and make each other BETTER.  And I'm pretty sure that's what it's all about.


Hannah and Joe, you complete each other.  YOU COMPLETE ME!!  Haha... Hannah, even though we decided to not push Joe out of the way and marry each other at the last minute (inside joke), I am SOOOOOO HAPPY for you.  Joe, I know you will treat my ice cream soul mate right, and be there for her for the rest of her life.  I am so happy for you both, and so happy I got to be there as you became husband and wife.  Here are some favorites from the day!






Love this one so much for some reason!



Pretty pretty :)



I dashed over to Hannah and Joe's apartment to get pics of the guys getting ready...



The entire morning while Hannah got prepared, it poured.  POURED.  And I'm not going to lie... I was freaking out internally just a tiny bit.  But by some divine miracle, the rain let up enough (notice I said let up enough, not let up) to still do their First Look on the dock at the reception site.  This is Joe walking down the dock to wait.



Dear Photoshop, thank you for allowing me to clone stamp out the chaffeur's umbrella and arm out of this photo :)  Not exactly the First Look we had planned, but I could not love their reaction more!



Picture time...







Honestly, this may be my favorite picture of the entire day.  Hannah's laugh is so awesome!!





We brought the bridal party out of their dry hiding place on the trolley for some pics...








Time to get hitched...




Husband and wife!



Okay, so let's talk about the details of Hannah's wedding= TO DIE FOR!!!  I honestly loved the nautical theme SO, SO MUCH.  I could not have been more in love with the striped tablecloths, the custom made logo, the hot pink whale cake topper... it was honestly all so beautiful and so perfect for their beachside reception.








Gotta love signature drinks!  Hannah and Joe had 6 cocktail napkins and they all had different fun facts on them about Hannah and Joe individually and as a couple.  So clever!




First dance...





Toasting the happy couple...



That cake was gooooooood... yup, I totally had some :)



I loved Hannah's dad and Joe's mom, so, so much.  Both super sweet people... no wonder their kids turned out so awesome!



And reason #579 of why Hannah is one of my favorite brides ever?  SHE HAD A S'MORES BAR.  I may have had one.  Or five.  I lost count.




Party time!  Hannah and Joe, I seriously can't thank you enough for being so awesome, so welcoming, and so trusting of me to have me photograph your wedding.  I had an amazing time (not just saying that Hannah!  Hahaha) and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart!  Love you guys, now let's work on moving you back up to Vermont, hmmmmm? ;-)





Coordinator:  Jamie Bohlin of Cape Cod Celebrations

Tent:  Sperry Tent

Caterer:  Crazy Chefs

Florist:  Tangent Floral and Garden Design

Cake:  Delicious Desserts

Dress:  James Clifford Collection from Platinum Bridal Boutique

DJ:  City Lights

Hair/ Make-up:  Sister's Salon

Favors:  Seeds of Happiness

Paper (menus, table numbeers, escort cards):  Dulce Press

Second shooters:  Kelly Benvenuto and Jessica Pegg Furtado