The Charbonneau Family

Happy Monday!  For a wedding photographer, this statement is actually true, most of the time.  The past 2 weekends were CRAAAAAAZY, and so I was soooooo looking forward to this weekend we just had... my friends Molly and Eric tied the knot in Newport and it was AMMMMAAAAAAZING.  (I don't usually talk in so many caps and extra vowels, but today I feel like it's warranted lol).  Anyways, I went down to Newport on Friday and had a complete blast at the wedding.  Some other photographer friends were there, as well as a friend from college, so it was awesome to just dance and party and have a good time.  My friend Melissa, her husband Marc and I spent Saturday walking around Newport and relaxing, and yesterday I headed up to Vermont with my friend Andrea of Shades of Images Photography to shoot a wedding at the Mountain Top Inn.  Overall, an EXCELLENT weekend, and I am excited to be home early and getting some work done today!  

I will be catching up on blogging in the next few days (Hannah and Joe, you're up soon, promise!) and I wanted to start off with my friend Sarah.  Sarah and I went to college together at Bridgewater State, and both belonged to Gamma Phi Beta.  Boy, have we come a long way from Wild Wednesdays at Bogart's and keggers at the White House.  Or at least Sarah has... she's about to be a wife, and mother, and stepmom!  Sarah and her fiancee Scott will be getting married in Key West next year (that's right- my 3rd favorite place behind Vermont and Ireland lol) and while I would love to say I will be photographing their nuptials at the Hemingway House, I will already be in Ireland.  But I was flattered when Sarah emailed to ask me to photograph some maternity/ family pictures for her, Scott, and his daughter Lizzy.  I met up with them at the end of a double wedding weekend and we walked around Fairhaven, where Scott grew up.  These two are just too cute, and Lizzy was the sweetest girl... I am so happy for this new family and I wish you guys nothing but the best as your start this new chapter in your lives together!  Here are some of my favorite pics from that afternoon :)



Love this one!





Scott and his two favorite girls...






This baby is going to be more well-read than I am lol... I'm actually reading A Confederacy of Dunces right now!






Another favorite!





I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to try it :)










The next few are my favorites of the day...






The end :)  Congratulations again Charbonneau Family!!!  xoxo.