Juliana Rose


Oh, Monday.  Sometimes you’re so good to me, and others you’re just so mean.  I can’t believe another week has flown by and we are almost into fall.  I was very sad to see the weekend go, and now dealing with Monday… ugh.  In good news, I was published on Vermont Vows blog today, my new shampoo has started to work, and one of my new sample albums is being delivered today.  In bad news,  I HAVE A LISP.  Ok let me just explain.  I have been going through a little bit of a transition lately, wanting to devote more time to myself and becoming a better and healthier person (hence the reason I have 1 hour of personal training tonight followed by 1 hour of Zumba… blah) and one thing that has bugged me since high school was how my teeth aren’t perfectly straight.  The fact that they are still a little crooked after having braces for 5 years of my life angers me to no end, but I digress.  Anyways, I decided to save up some money from wedding work and get behind-the-teeth braces.  At first I was wondering why in the world did they not have these when I was in high school?  Could have saved me a lot of humiliation.  Then I started talking once the braces were on.  And I sounded like Jim Carrey from The Cable Guy.  WHAAAAAAAAAAAT the heck (that was the censored version of my actual reaction).  So I spent the weekend eating soup and soft serve ice cream and working on my S-words.  It seems to have gotten a little better but to say I am freaking out about it would be an understatement.


Anyways, another silver lining I’m trying to remember is my new niece Juliana :) Juliana Rose was born September 1st at 4:27 p.m.  My stepsister Angela and her husband Shane have literally been wanting a baby since they got married 3 years ago (Juliana was almost an anniversary baby!) so she is truly a blessing in the Coffey family, and for the Scully’s too!  My dad won’t say it but I know he adores her already.   It is sooooooo weird that my stepsister Ange has a baby.  We’ve been stepsisters since I was 10, and I’ve always looked at her like a little sister.  She’s a year and a half younger than me and our families have been through a lot over the years.  I’d be lying if I said our parents respective divorces weren’t hard on us at the age we were when they happened, and maybe that accounts for why me, my sister and Angela weren’t all close as we were growing up, but I think we are working on it and I hope Juliana can bring us together even more.  I am extremely proud of both my sisters, of all they have accomplished and the women they have become, and I hope they know that I am always here for them if they need me!  And now I have a niece to be here for her too... yay!


Juliana came out with her daddy's head of hair.  Here are some of the newborn shots I took of her!

All snuggled in her crib!



I need to get new baby baskets lol... I've used this one so much!





My friend Mark painted these canvases for me for a candy-themed photo shoot I did, so I decided to re-use them!








My favorite...







Jericho is going to be a good watch dog for Juliana :)




Love you Juliana, Ange and Shane!!! xoxo