Kerri and Adam: Butternut Farm Golf Club

Happy September!  This is already starting out to be a great month for me so I cannot complain.  First off, can I say how much I love waking up and it's cool in the mornings?  Fall is right around the corner, and as my favorite season, I could not be more excited.  Secondly, as of today I am an official member of the Vermont Wedding Parlor! I can't tell you how excited I am to be on board with this amazing team of vendors in Stowe, VT.  If you ever visit Stowe and if you're planning a wedding, you need to stop by and check out their beautiful space right downtown, a 5 minute drive from both the Von Trapp Lodge and more importantly, ten minutes from the Ben and Jerry's factory :)  Carrie and Eric Lane are doing amazing things for the Vermont wedding industry and I am so honored they asked me to join as a vendor.  And finally, MOST IMPORTANTLY, today I became an aunt!  My stepsister Angela had her first baby, Juliana Rose.  She is 7.5 pounds, 21 inches long, and ADORABLE.  Angela didn't have an easy delivery and I'm so glad everyone is happy and healthy and that we have this new addition to the family!!  Pictures to come :)  

I am really trying to catch up on blogging and stay a little bit more on top of it.  I've never been this behind and who knows if I will actually catch up.  I used to be so crazy about blogging I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning doing it, but I was running myself ragged and need to find a bit more of a balance.  As long as I don't fall behind on actually getting my clients their images, then I am happy with myself, and so far, everyone's images from the summer have been delivered ahead of schedule.  It's just finding time to do everything else that's a problem.  Recently, a photographer out of CT who I adore wrote something on her Facebook challenging readers to do something they know would save them time but that they haven't done yet because they haven't had time.  I may have worded it a little less eloquently than she did, but it is absolutely CRAZY how true this rang for me.  I always get so busy and hear about these great softwares or apps or PhotoShop actions that I know will save me oodles of time, but I never follow through because I know it will take time initially to learn it.  One thing in particular I have been wanting to do was learn how to create a droplet.  I did an amazing one-on-one mentoring session last summer in Nashville with two photographers who I adore, and we touched a little bit on post-processing.  One thing they are big fans of is creating droplets in PhotoShop, and though I did get a crash course, it was something I really wanted to follow up with and learn a little bit more about.  By creating a droplet, you can essentially choose how you want the photo to look, and batch process all of your images to look this way without having to open each one.  In LightRoom it's comparable to auto sync, once you have all your settings the way you want them.  I'm sure it's a lot more technical than I'm describing, but it's basically a huge timesaver.  I decided this wedding, Kerri and Adam, I was going to try it.


It seems like forever ago that Kerri and Adam booked me and I was taking pictures of them and their adorable dog Fiona at their house in Natick.  They tied the knot at the Butternut Golf Club in Stow, which was absolutely gorgeous.  Kerri had told me awhile back that she liked the pictures I put on my blog in the Seventies action, and while this isn't the exact action/ formula I used in my droplet to make these pictures look the way they do, it's close so I hope she doesn't mind.  This was just an experiment, so don't worry Kerri, you'll also get all the regularly colored photos and some black and whites too!  I just love the style of making all pictures look a certain way, a little vintagey and different, so that's what I was playing with here.  Let me know what you think!


Venue:  Butternut Farm Golf Club

Hair:  Ashley Sexton, A Cut Beyond

Makeup: Jen Samberg, Sorelle Spa

DJ: Revolution Production, Inc.

Veil/Flower: The Red Magnolia shop on

Cake: Bellacakes

Flowers:  The Willow Branch

Second Shooter: Jamie Doyle







Really Kerri??  Gorgeous!  These are some of my favorite portraits I've done...




Off to Butternut, where the guys arrived shortly after...


















Kerri and Adam, there are so many more to come but I hope this is a good amount for your sneak peek!  Thank you so much for having me and Jamie, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and we had a great time.  Many wishes for a long and happy life full of love :)