Krista and Matt

I had a whole post planned.  Krista and Matt- possibly the cutest high school couple I've ever met, and so I thought they deserved a whole post about the promise of young love and all that jazz.  It was going to be poetic and amazing and bring tears to Krista's eyes (or at least to her mom Tracy's haha).  Then I remembered that all my knowledge of young love comes from One Tree Hill episodes, and so I'll leave it at this: I always wanted to be young and in love.  Sounds weird, but when you get to be late twenties and have so many responsibilities, it's hard to find time for a shower, let along a romantic date, you get jealous when you see people like Krista and Matt.  They are young, they are happy and they are living in the moment... together.  No one knows what the future will bring, but when you're their age there's a lot more of it, and it looks bright when the person holding your hand is your best friend.  Krista and Matt- you two are adorable times ten, enjoy your senior year and have fun!!!

Love this moment between them... I must have said something uber funny... clearly no surprise there ;-)

I caught this as we walked around...

Oh and if you want to hear an amazing song about "young love", listen to Who's To Say by Vanessa Carlton... okay, so it may have been playing during a very key moment between Peyton and Jake on One Tree Hill like 5 years ago, but it's still soooooooo good :)