Melanie and Rob

I have known Melanie for as long as I can remember.  We went to elementary school together, played on sports teams together (although she kicked my butt when we were on different teams) and stayed friends all through high school.  The one thing that sticks out about our friendship is that we were always laughing.  Melanie is one of the funniest people I have ever met, proved by the fact that she won "Class Clown" our senior year :)  She was never serious about anything... except Rob.  Mel met Rob our senior year at a New Year's Eve party, and that was it.  Rob was in the Marines at the time, but they made it work.  Letters, long distance phone calls... 5 years later they were married, and 4 years after that they are still incredibly happy.  They recently bought their first house together and added Maverick to their family soon after that.  Melanie is a graphic designer and recently did some logo work for me(do ya like the snazzy new logo?), and since it turns out I am the most high maintenance customer ever (self-proclaimed), I offered to do a photo shoot for Melanie and Rob and their puppy!  We met up yesterday after work to walk around Mittineague Park and catch up.

So I must explain that I just got some new PhotoShop actions, and it's safe to say I am obsessed with them all.  Hopefully Melanie doesn't want to kill me when she sees these... I figured a friend would be a good guinea pig :)  I literally used a different action on every.single.picture.  There was only one picture I didn't photoshop- dare ya to guess which one!  And don't worry Mel, you'll get the regular, color versions as well... I just go a little nuts with editing sometimes :)  xoxo

Oh and I mentioned they brought Maverick along too right?  I just got so caught up in their hotness that I forgot about the dog... who actually preferred to play in the stream instead of spending any time with us anyways :)  But here is one I did manage to get of their new addition...

Mel and Rob-  it was soooooo good seeing you and getting to hang out for awhile.  I hope you like the pics... you made my job super easy!   I am officially holding your pictures hostage until we go out for drinks... xoxo!