Lauren and Bryan: TTD


Last week Molly Bergeron and I headed to Martha's Vineyard to crash Lauren and Bryan's honeymoon and take some Trash the Dress pictures!  I photographed Lauren's wedding 2 weeks ago, and she and Bryan went to MV for their honeymoon.  When she had first booked me for her wedding, she had asked me about Trash the Dress sessions, and she wanted to do one so much that we worked it into her package.  I was so excited to do it on Martha's Vineyard, because I've only been there on quick day trips and I'll use any excuse to go there again.  Anyway, Molly and I had a great time gallivanting around with these two and taking some pictures!  We even got to hang out with one of our favorite couples on the way over, and the moon over the water on the way back was to die for!  Here are a few of my favorite images of the lovely Lauren and Bryan :)



This may be one of my favorites from the whole day!






Lauren and Bryan bought matching boat shoes on MV... so cute!



I love, love, love Edgartown, and the cute little inns they have there!





We went to the gingerbread neighborhood (probably not the technical name for it lol) in Oak Bluffs and walked around a little, where we met the NICEST WOMAN in the entire world.  She was sitting on a porch with someone else, and jumped up when she saw us.  She then told us to pick any house at all we wanted to take pictures on or around, and she would say it was okay.  I think she was the rental agent for the whole area.  She walked around with us and was just sweet as can be.  We were so grateful!



Check out the Love Shack sign... love it!



Another favorite!



We ended the day back at the beach (or lagoon lol) house that Bryan and Lauren rented for their honeymoon.  Honestly, it was so peaceful, quiet, and adorably furnished with all modern New England-y decorations.  It made me want to take a vacation so bad!




A few with Seventies since Lauren loves it :)




Back to normal...



I have no idea why I like this picture.  It's one of those ones that it makes no sense to like because it's nothing... they're not paying attention to me, they're not paying attention to each other, Lauren's moving and out of focus and Bryan's a little dark.  BUT I LOVE IT.  I'm weird, it's fine.





Love this one too!





Like I said, when this is your view on the boat ride home, it's been a pretty good day :)  Lauren and Bryan, thank you for having us!!!  We had a great day- wedding pics coming soon, promise! xoxo