Genevieve, Brett, and baby makes 3


Let me just start out by saying that maternity is not my strong suit.  When I first started photography, I listed my specialties everywhere.... which included EVERYTHING haha.  I apparently was so confident in my skills that I felt like I was great at everything.  To be honest, it was probably just because I needed the work so bad!  But now that I've been doing it a little while, I know what I'm good with and what I'm not, and I definitely don't consider maternity a niche of mine.  I even turned down several maternity gigs this summer because I didn't feel comfortable that I would be the best photographer to do them.  That being said, I think Genevieve booked me for her maternity shoot the day I photographed her wedding!  She was only the second wedding I photographed, on Martha's Vineyard, and ever since then she has been one of my biggest photo fans.  Scheduling this shoot was hard because this summer has been so busy, but Shelby wanted to give Vieve and Brett this photo session as a baby gift, and I have to say I'm glad she did.  After all the times I've photographed Vieve and Brett, I can't imagine someone else taking these pictures!  Genevieve is literally having the baby this Saturday, so we did this session right in the nick of time.  She's having a girl, but no one knows any potential name choices yet.  Can't wait to hear what they pick!  Here are some of my favorites from the afternoon...



Love these!







I don't know why but I was obsessed with the architecture of this building, not to mention the vines going up the brick- so pretty!






Also favorites...




We changed up locations and headed to Hatfield for some barn action...



And some Seventies action!





Thank you Shelby! ;-)



Clearly every stylish baby has to have her own shoe collection.  Can I mention that I have never owned anything Burberry?  This baby is already way more stylish than me!




Congratulations Brett and Genna, can't wait to meet her in 2 weeks!