Meet Melissa

Since she just helped me out on a HUGE photography weekend, I felt that it was a good time to introduce my friend Melissa Deschamp!  She is a fellow photographer and Canon conoisseur.  There aren't too many in our group that are so us Canon folk have to stick together :)  I met Melissa through Molly, and the three of us have formed a little shooting group, and we shoot a whole lot of weddings together.  We used to have Sarah in our group as well, but then she ditched us to move to Colorado... LAME.  I guess I can't really talk since I'll soon be ditching to move to Vermont, but I love these girls I shoot with and I'm going to miss them!!!  Melissa was nice enough to show me the ropes when it came to back button focusing, and these are the practice images I shot of her the day she taught me.  Go check out her website, then go like her on Facebook- she's the bomb diggity!  Thanks again Melissa for all your help in VT this weekend- had a blast as usual!!!