Maureen and Mike

“You know what today is?” she called as he was running out the door. Of course he knew, but he let her think he didn’t. “Today is one year to the day when you first said you loved me.” And with that, Mike turned around, dropped to his knee, and told her he’d like to continue saying it until they were old and gray. Then he pulled out the ring he had been carrying in his pocket, waiting for the right time, and asked Maureen to be his wife. Of course, she said yes, and now there’s no chance they’ll ever forget the date.  


When Mike had called and told me he was engaged, I screamed. I am, of course, a female, so news of this nature always brings on shrieks, tears, or inappropriate maniacal laughter. On this particular day, Mike caught me off guard, and so it was a scream. He and Maureen have been dating for almost 2 years, and I couldn’t imagine a couple more suited for each other. Mike has been one of my best friends since the 9th grade, and while his quirks and sense of humor will make me roll my eyes to the roof, Maureen finds him utterly charming. This is true love.  


For their engagement shoot, we headed to Stanley Park for the afternoon with Guinness to take some shots. I’m so happy for these two and I hope I was able to capture the essence of their couple-dom just right. Yup, I just made up the word couple-dom. I’m so eloquent.




















Showing off the bling...