Saide and baby Rebekah

I met Saide at Shelby’s wedding, and I couldn’t be happier about my table placement. For one thing, there was lots of juicy drama at our table that I got to watch unfold like a Spanish soap opera. But more importantly, I got to meet Saide and her husband Jose, and for that I am grateful.  Shelby’s wedding was frantic, as it was the first wedding I ever photographed alone, and I was also a guest, so I was told by Ellen that I was required to have a good time. After all, she insisted, T. Scott was paying for all the drinks, and there was no point in wasting a perfectly good open bar. “Oh fine, Ellen, I’ll have another glass of wine. But stop begging please. It’s embarassing.”  


Somehow, Saide caught me in between camera duty and dancing queen duty, and told me she’d love me to take some maternity pictures of her. I looked down, looked back up again, and I swear it wasn’t the wine that was making me confused. This girl must have been 90 pounds soaking wet. I’m pretty sure that if I’m ever pregnant, I’m not going to look half as cute as Saide did. Seriously, there’s not going to be an ice cream carton that’s safe within a 20 mile radius. I’m going to look like that lady from Nip/Tuck who had to be de-fused from her couch. Okay you get the picture.  


Anyways, Saide asked if I would come out toward the end of her pregnancy and shoot some maternity pictures of her big belly. I was happy to meet her and Jose at their home in Hyde Park and capture the moment I know she is so looking forward to. Listening to Saide talk about motherhood truly made me feel blessed to have met her, and I wish her, Jose and and baby Rebeka nothing but the best in life. They will be a beautiful family.





This was my first shoot like this, and I was so excited with the ideas Saide had.  She had perfect long hair to capture this shot.