Sophia #1

Get ready for some major cuteness- my blog is about to be invaded by two baby Sophia's :)  It's so funny how a name catches on and comes back and blows up in popularity- Sophia is definitely this year's hot name and I did two Sophia sessions in the past 2 weeks!  I am going to blog Kelly's Sophia first, because as my best friend I know Jenn will forgive me if she has to wait one more day :)  Sophia #1 is getting so big- it's amazing to watch her grow and get to photograph her every few months!  I absolutely love the Flaven family and so it's always an honor to be asked to photograph.  Here are my most recent faves of Sophia Flaven!

Kelly always has some props to torture Sophia with :)

We finished the day at the park.  Thank you Kelly and Tom for having me! xoxo