Sophia #2

Okay, so onto Sophia #2!  I feel awful that it took me so long to put these pictures up.  Honestly, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind.  Getting back into the weekend photography thing after taking a few months "off" has been a challenge, not to mention being out of town for St. Patrick's Day and then Inspire Boston for 3 days.  It's been a great March but it was so busy I literally forgot my dad's birthday.  FORGOT.  Worst daughter ever award goes to me.  Anywho, Sophia Marie Bartkow was born on March 2nd and has been the apple of her parent's eyes since the minute she came out.  She is such a cutie pie and I am so happy for my best friend Jenn and her husband Dave.  They will be amazing parents.  I'm actually predicting Irish twins for them haha (Jenn will murder me for saying that!)  Here are my favorites of my new "niece" Sophia!

Sophia, give me your best hot dog impression!

Love this one... Jenn's so in love!

Just hanging out...

I took this on the hope chest that Dave built for Jenn before he proposed!

Another favorite...

I love her faces!

Love you Bartkow family! xoxo