The Kripke Family

IMG_4385 - Version 2 I ended my weekend in Borderland State Park with the Kripke family.  Melissa works with Shelby's mom and had contacted me about doing a few family photos for her, and I was so excited to meet up and take some shots (of the picture variety, not the alcoholic kind :)  )  She told me that a lot of the pictures they have together look very traditional and too posed, so she wanted some different angles and fun shots, and I tried my best to oblige!  Melissa, Mike, Savannah, and Marina- it was so great meeting you and I really hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

IMG_4284 - Version 2

IMG_4355 - Version 2

IMG_4404 - Version 2

IMG_4423 - Version 2

I love this door at Borderland.  I know it's probably redundant to keep shooting at the exact same location but seriously there is something about this door that when the light is right I love!

IMG_4435 - Version 2

IMG_4491 - Version 2

So this is Melissa and Mike...

IMG_4533 - Version 2

This is Savannah...

IMG_4561 - Version 2_ps

And this is Marina.

IMG_4619 - Version 2

IMG_4637 - Version 2

Savannah and her mom...

IMG_4652 - Version 2

And Marina and her dad...

IMG_4671 - Version 2

IMG_4749 - Version 2

I'll end with one of the whole gang.  Thank you all so much for asking me to photograph your family, and for ending my weekend on a happy note!

IMG_4716 - Version 2