Venom at The Rattlesnake

Friday night I headed over to The Rattlesnake on Boylston Street in Boston with Molly to take some promo pictures for their website.  Molly's friend Caz has contacted Molly about photographing at Venom, which is part of The Rattlesnake. His dad owns the bar, and we were more than happy to spend a Friday night there partying it up and taking some shots for the club.  It was definitely a challenge because of how dark it was, with black walls that eat up the light, but what an awesome bar!  Great music, food, drinks and decor... I had a blast and was so glad Molly and I went.  These are a couple of shots from the night! I will give credit to Molly for this first shot.  We went outside to photograph the sign and she noticed this great reflection coming off the front window of the store next door!

IMG_6769 - Version 2

IMG_6741 - Version 2

IMG_6749 - Version 2

Some of the great food Venom offers...

IMG_6774 - Version 2

IMG_6784 - Version 2

IMG_6803 - Version 2

IMG_6809 - Version 2

The bartenders hard at work mixing some fabulous drinks...

IMG_6836 - Version 2

IMG_6844 - Version 2

IMG_6847 - Version 2

IMG_6852 - Version 2

IMG_6825 - Version 2

IMG_6989 - Version 2

Caz with the girls... that's Molly on the left!

IMG_7019 - Version 2

Friends having fun at Venom...

IMG_6930 - Version 2

IMG_7000 - Version 2

IMG_6877 - Version 2

IMG_6955 - Version 2

IMG_6865 - Version 2

IMG_7033 - Version 2

IMG_7064 - Version 2

Cheers!  Thanks for the invite Caz!

IMG_7010 - Version 2