Wedding workshop

This past week I was lucky enough to attend a 3 day wedding photography workshop taught by Jen Hudson of Olive Avonlea Couture Photography.  It was held in several locations around Boston, and included two days of shooting with 12 different models and a day at CDIA editing and learning some LightRoom and PhotoShop techniques.  I went with Molly Bergeron and I cannot even tell you how much fun we had and how much we learned.  I won't speak for Molly, but I know I was being a little naive about the workshop.  I went in thinking these are the three days I am going to learn everything I need to know about wedding photography, and that with all the models and beautiful locations we were using, my pictures would come out looking like Jen's.  I came out knowing that there is no way you can ever know everything about photography, and that great shots don't come from great locations or models (although those two things help!)- they come from your perspective, your skill, and your techniques behind the camera.  My pictures are nowhere near as stunning as Jen's, but another amazing photographer Kate Robinson recently told me that if everyone in the world took the same pictures, it would be a very boring place!  I will be blogging workshop pictures over the next week or two, but here's a sneak peek :) IMG_5384 - Version 2